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Our Facilities

Stop by to take a tour of our facilities, meet with one of our experienced professionals, and see for yourself why we take such pride in our beautiful and unique accommodations.





Pride in our facility is more than just a statement to the Wise family; it is the way we do business. We are committed to providing the families we serve and their guests with a spacious, comfortable facility. Great time and care is taken in maintaining our building, from the landscaping outside to every detail in the interior.

Our building is in downtown Bucyrus at the corner of Warren and Poplar Streets across from the US Post Office. Several renovations and updates have modernized our building while preserving its 19th century architecture. We offer a covered entry as well as accessibility. We have pleasant décor and lighting, and the size of the facility allows even long reception lines the comfort of being indoors during rain or other inclement weather.

We have two chapels and are able to accommodate up to approximately 200 people for a service. Families may relax in a private lounge, and a newly renovated selection room (right) helps make the selection process a more comfortable one. Our preparation facilities are state-of-the-art, which allows for efficiency and multitasking, therefore serving our families more completely.